Moksh Soni - Child Artist

                       Profile No. 017
Name        : Moksh Soni
Age           : 9 years
Height       : 4"5
Color         : Fair
Eye color  : Brown 
Hair color  : Brown
Weight      : 32 kg
Knows Teakwondo, Cricket, swimming, skating n cycling very well
Experience : Yes
Location      : Delhi

1 "Ghaat"......Hindi Natak
 based on real life story  {as main child victim "Pradyuman" [Prince] }..!!  by HEENA ARTS 

2. "SUKOON" based on education for all by PRAYAS THEATER

Tvc :- 
1. Hampton Homes
2. Eicher trucks 
3. Lenskart father's day
4. Lenovo laptop 
5. Zespri kiwi 
6. Flip kart tvc 
7. Hero destiny 
8. Jk papers 
9. Kablecar tvc "RAMazan n diwALI celebration" 
10. Steel bird 
11. Christmas celebration for Facebook channel Dil ki baat 
12. Jet airways 👇
13.  Govt tvc for health ministry 
14.  GoQuik
15.  Govt tvc for girls education
16.  Rhyme Songs For Pingu TV

Hindi medium movie

1- Yeh Pyaar Nahi To Kya Hai 

Video Album Songs
2-Govinda Mashups 

Web Series for Netflix
1- Virodhabhas  
(as main actor's childhood )

Corporate shoot
  1.  HILTI INDIA...!!
  2.  Hilti India

Print shoot :- yes 
1-Designer were for pearl academy
2-Subhash Masale brand shoot
and non brand shoot also done..!!

1- performance award for "Ghaat".... Hindi Natak based on real life story n award with TV Media coverage
2- State gold medalist in taekwondo championship
3- National gold medalist in taekwondo championship

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